So, understandably we love everything about faux fur, but we feel that faux fur fashion brands are still pretty underrated.  This is why we’ve worked so hard to build a brand that we cherish and enjoy, and all we can hope is that you share the same feelings!

Still not convinced? Here's the 5 Reasons We Love Faux Fur and hopefully we can persuade you to join us in spreading the joy of fake fur.


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Animals Are Our Friends, Not Fur! 

There is no need for animals to suffer merely for a fashion trend.  The environmental impacts of fur farms, along with the cruel methods that animals die in order to make real fur products, is enough for most to make the switch. 
High quality faux fur items allows you to look sassy and stylish without the cost to our animal friends.  With the rise of vegetarianism and veganism, more and more people are coming to realize that animal cruelty is not only unfair but completely unnecessary.  Therefore, wearing one of our faux fur products is a guilt free way to stay on trend!








pretty girl sitting having coffee in a black dress and a Furever paris grey faux fur vest

Add A Fancy Factor To Your Outfit Using Faux Fur

Want to add that extra edge to your outfit but don’t know how? Add a faux fur coat or vest and elevate your style from drab to fab. 

Buying fur was once seen as a sign of opulence and wealth, but with faux fur, you can give off the same fashion week vibes, but for a fraction of the cost!  Not only this, but since our products are made with such a high quality materials, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference.  So leave your friends in awe when they realize your faux is not the real thing.







Faux Fur Makes The Best Winter Warmers

We all want to keep cozy in the cooler months but still stay effortlessly chic.  This is where a faux fur coat comes into play!  It allows you to steer away from chunky and heavy layering that can be unflattering when the winter chill sets in.

Going on vacation somewhere a little cooler than you’re used to?  Packing a faux fur coat or vest means that you won’t be wishing you packed your thermals.  Plus, a winter vacation means fashion inspo photos for the gram, right? 








girl standing outside holding a coffee wearing a furever prague ivory faux fur teddy coat

The Ultimate Winter Style Has Comfort In Mind

At Furever, a faux fur coat basically means walking around in a fluffy cloud, and who wouldn’t love that? Our faux fur coats, vests and accessories come in various colors and fabrics, however each one is guaranteed to make you feel as though you’re wearing a permanently snuggly cloud. Perfect for those days where the crisp cold air outside is looking less than inviting but you still want your outfit to scream sophistication!









pretty woman wearing sunglasses and sitting on a bench wearing a furever london beige faux fur vest

Faux Fur Makes For Fast and Easy Fashion

I mean, it’s not that we’re lazy, but who wants to spend hours trying to work out how to style an outfit to give it that extra edge? Faux fur goes with pretty much any outfit and adds an extra dynamic layer that is hard to come by with another item. 

Not only this, but our countless colour choices mean that you can find the perfect match for every piece thats sitting in your wardrobe.  Don't know what color is your favorite yet?  Check out our Color Chart page to see everything that we offer so you can find something that fits you and your style perfectly!








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